The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Set up key visuals once. Scale content over and over!

A comprehensive design platform spanning end-to-end, fine-grained image, text, and rich media editing, SVG copy-paste, and editing, as well as PSD import functionality.

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Pixel-perfect image and text editing

Build your key visuals from scratch with complete image editing and positioning control, deep SVG editing, automatic alignments, rulers and guides, image cropping, clip masking, and more. Auto-align text across the design with intuitive controls. Control text box size with easy drag and drop.

How SuprDaily uses branded templates to balance creativity and refresh

Leading grocery-delivery app SuprDaily has cultivated a well-recognized, consistent brand, across the in-app, social, ad, and other channels. Their base designs are updated with images, pricing, offers, and other details on a daily basis — giving the design team just the right time to think of new concepts.

SVG import and editing

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are a popular file type for quick rendering. Copy-paste or drag and drop SVG files to create illustrations or edit them. Edit stroke colors, make variants from a single SVG file, as well as use shapes to make abstract designs. No code required!

Groww: Agile experiments, enabled with the right set of key visuals

The team at Groww runs experiments at scale, easily accommodating small strategic changes to their key visuals — across copy, image, CTA, color and more.

Import PSD with all your styling

Bring in your existing designs through the PSD import functionality -- with all the styling and layers that you have created, intact. Retain months of effort, as well as edit and prepare your key visual to scale easily.

Company-wide, consistent design system: Air Asia

The team has set up a centralized repository of design components and layouts to ensure 100% brand compliance across banners made by different teams.

Rich-media and video editing

Set key video templates, and scale them just like you scale image content. Edit scenes over a timeline, with easy-to-use layers -- for text, scene, music, voice-over, and animations. Download as GIF or HTML5 files for high converting multimedia ads.

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Design resource crunch coming in the way of campaign success?

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